~ My One ~
~ My Only ~ My life, my will ~
~ The Man, My Husband ~
~ I Want To Touch You ~
To hold you in my arms and hear the beat of your heart To behold your beauty and see in your eyes the light Of all within your soul, the depth, the breadth of your emotion As it moves to engulf us both in the dance of the heart.
To lightly touch your silky skin and feel the heat arise Into my fingers coursing through 'til it reaches deep inside My lips brush yours when we embrace our passions rise And fall headlong into night touching loving even tears abide.
What have we found when we explore What have we done to open the door Of what we've hidden and were afraid to share Of what has hurt so before our hearts to tear. Our hearts laugh so much Our hearts beat as one For us love has already won When you and I touch.

Somewhere in my lonely heart, Deep within the cries of night, Tossing, turning ever yearning, Alone again sleepless churning. No one to touch, no soft embrace Absence of perfume's sweet grace No warmth or flowing wisps of hair Just emptiness in night's air. Will he ever come to me....... With arms to hold and soul to see Into my spirit what I have to give Always with him to forever live? Somewhere in my lonely heart Deep within the cries of night No warmth or flowing wisps of hair Just emptiness in night's air.......
If I could be beside you now
And caress the softness of your brow And run my fingers through your hair And kiss your skin so soft and fair If I could be beside you dear And give my love without fear And whisper passion rising through And hold you close each day it's new I would touch you deep inside And join with you on love's ride Tumbling through passion's grace And watch the pleasure on your face My tongue would dance and taste you..... Your hips would glide up unto me Your hands would hold me there so firm Wetter, sweeter taste fire's burn Your hands would glide up to my breasts Between your fingers my nipples rest Gently pulling, rolling tender Moans delight in sweet surrender Love's sweet smell now fills the air As you pull me up to enter fair You meet me, greet me, pull me deeper Now we are one, we've fallen steeper
If I could be beside you now.....