~October 7, 1999~

All angels aren't in heaven,I know this for a fact.
For one is near me everyday,With kindness in each act.
Her courage reaches through the dark,And shines the bravest red.
She knows so well what's deep inside.She dries each tear that's shed.
Her spirit soars into us all,In rays of purest white.
She needs no halo floating loose,For there are none so bright.
There's nothing more that I can say,To honor her "true blue",
Save that she keeps and holds to love,My angel Deb, YOU!

To My Friend – Thank You DEB
I know times have been difficult Not just for me – but for you as well.
Friendship is all about good times as well as bad. It has been through this difficult time That has taken over my life That I have come to realize Just how special you are And how invaluable your friendship is.
I know you have wished You could just wave a magic wand And all my troubles would vanish.
We both know you can't But wanting to do that for me Means just the same As if you could. I also know you feel Like there's nothing you can do for me.
Please believe me when I tell you You've done more than you'll ever know. You have listened, you have cried with me, And more importantly, You've been here right beside me.
I know you have been hurting too You have been carrying my pain. That has inspired me.
And I want you to know That if I have you to walk through life with These hard times Don't seem quite so hard. To me that is Friendship
And "Thank You" doesn't seem To say enough.
But those words are full of meaning So to you my friend – Thank You.
I know those simple words will touch your heart Just as you have touched mine.
I LOVE YOU DEB ~~~ Kelly & George

DEB ~~You are the sister of my heart, not born of the same parents, But born of the same sensibilities, Emotions, desires, dreams. Raised in different worlds, foreign beliefs, But yet so much alike in thought. Our hearts and minds draw us yet closer to each other. Share with me your secrets, your fantasies, your passions, And I will share mine with you. Ever trustful, confident that my secrets, My deepest musings are forever safe, never to be recounted. Locked away in your mind,
Where only you and I hold the key, the key to my soul. We are lifelines to one another, clinging precariously to the thread That protects us from the cruelties of reality. Reach out to me, I will catch you. I will be with you when you need me Ever cognizant that you are my safety net, my ballast against the storm. How can I ever repay you, my friend?
For all the many hours you listened to my words, my thoughts. You were my ally in the vestiges of war A place I could go to where I knew I would be safe from reproach, Comfortable in the warmth of your friendship. Thank you, my friend. Love Kelly


~A Personal HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend & my Maid of honor Deb,
I'm wishing you the best day of your life. We're getting 'better' not only 'older'....*wink* I CAN'T express how much this last 1˝ yrs. has meant to me, being lucky, blessed enough to have you as my friend, The woman who stood up with me & by me during the 'hardest' time in my life !!!! The woman who has held my hand through happiness, sorrow, fear & dispair & her loyalty has never once faultered !!!! If ever there was a woman who deserved the "Metal Of Friendship" It would surely be Deb.........So willing to give to others in times of need,and has put her problems aside for a friend ~S~ God Bless her....


        Happy Birthday you sweet thang! I'm wishing you the best birthday ever. You have been an inspiration to me, and you make me feel like I can make it through this mess that I'm in. You're always here for me when I need you, and I can't tell you how much that means to me. I really look up to you. You tell it like it is, and you always know just what to say to make me feel better. Jeez, I'm going to cry, so I better shut up now. (tee hee!) Seriously though, you're the best, and i don't know what I'd do without you lady! Have a wonderful birthday. (I mean it!) Love, Christine/PA Gus/NJ"

Blessings Deb, and many happy and wonderful years ahead. Love you!

You are always giving gifts to others -- gifts of your time, gifts of your advice, gifts of your opinions (WHOA!! ;-), gifts of your good common sense, and of course the BIGGEST gift of all: YOUR WONDERFUL, CARING HEART!!!!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Deb!!!!!!!!
Susan DeVore"

For Deb,
Happy Birthday Girl! You are the strength and sanity and glue that holds SIS together. You are sanity in the confusion of life. You are strong and sincere and thoughtful and we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you for being a good friend and confidant to me. Love, Kandy

Thanks for being a beacon in the dark for me during a very difficult time. You deserve everything sweet and wonderful that life has to offer. Love Wendy S.

Happy Birthday! Any new piercings for the day? hehehe....Deb, thanks for being so special to my best bud, shybaby, and make sure your day is complete with numerous buzzes! smooooooches Tim
Happy Birthday my friend! May your special day, and the coming year, be filled with joy, peace, fun, contentment and love. When you reach *our* age...you finally figure out what is *really* important...and finally find the courage to go after it....sometimes in an all new adventure. So, I wish you happiness in whatever adventure life brings you...but no matter what....be good to YOU...always and forever...... Happy 43rd!! Coleen

I miss talking to you and I miss WOW! Anyway, I hope your birthday is filled with everything you want it to be. LOVE YA LOTS! ~~Tricia :)

``````To Deb...Happy Birthday Sweety..I know your Speacial Day will be bright and Sunny on Everyone ,because your smiling face will be the sourse of this Radiance *S* Love always Bill

To Deb on her Birthday,
Another year older,but it's all good,
You've beat all the odds,and you know you could,
So pop you a beer, And back it with Jack
Cause when it's your birthday,You're licensed to get WACKED!
love to you always,
your taxigirl

Dearest Deb;
Shy's asked me to write a birthday note to you, and for once, I'm at a loss for words....
How do you tell someone what they really mean to you after they have given such great gifts of themselves? Their friendship... their compassion... their heart... I know I, for one, am not even close to being able to. You are one of the finest people I have ever had the honor to meet, and just saying happy birthday doesn't come close to what you deserve - all the happiness, serenity, and love in the universe!!! With much love,

Dear Deb,
Happy, Happy Birthday...Your such a special person and I am so blessed to have been able to know you through all the different groups...Please have a wonderful Birthday....Sherry
*Hope* is everything, without it, we have nothing* "You being yourself is the best present you can give somebody."

.....I know we don't "talk" much anymore but you will always be a sistah to me hope you go out and have a GREAT birthday celebration!!
love ya

For Deb...
Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Hope you have a great day and an even better year!!! Much love and admiration...


(((((((((((((((hugz))))))))))))) from Micky on your birthday! :-D

Hey there GF,
I hope your special day is filled with the love, joy and happiness you spread soooooo easily. Take the time to do something fun and enjoyable....we'll all be thinking of you on your day!!!!

Happy Birthday To a Really great Gal,
Much Happiness and have a great Birthday Blast!!
Luv Lisa B

happy birthday deb! I hope you have a       wonderful day!
love, Celeste

Happy birthday and best wishes...may the following year bring all your wishes to fuition.... If you want to take a birthday vacation in Toronto...my door is open! I can show you some of our wonderful prisons.
All my love,

Deb, I'd love to be able to do more than just send my love and best wishes for your birthday. You've been there for me, each time I needed an ear to listen to my problems, or a shoulder to cry on. You've given me good sound, non-judgemental advice, but most of all, you've given me hope that there will be better, brighter days ahead. And for that, my friend, I am deeply appreciative. So, just know that you'll be in my daily thoughts and prayers. You have all my best wishes and thoughts, for a happy birthday, and a year full of all the good things you deserve.
Love, Sharon

Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB !!!!!!!!! Love Brandy

Hi Deb
First I want to tell you that you are some one I have not always agreed with on every issue BUT You are someone that I have admired for many months now. I know if i need to talk a quick email going out to Debspup willget a FAST reply. I always take your advice to heart and your someone I am glad to call MY friend! I guess without even knowing it we had one more thing in common....We're both Libras!!
So to make this short and sweet Happy Birthday GirlFriend...
Stay YOU!
An Awesome Down to Earth, make the best of things, kinda Girl!!!!!! Martha

You can run but you can't hide!

Happy Birthday Deb!!!
We all love you, and hope you have a very happy Birthday! You deserve much love and happiness... Love,
Mary Gibbs

Happy Birthday to you Deb!
Hope your day is as special as you are.

Happy Birthday Deb.......you're cool and so very very sexy............All the best, you deserve it and so much more
Love you lots and lots
Julia and Brett


What can I say to a very special lady who has been such a great support to all the Sisters, but that I hope you have a great birthday and that your life is richly blessed as you have blessed so many.
Julie R

Happy bday to you
Happy bday to you
Happy bday deaaaaaaaarrrrrr Debbbbbbb
Happy bday to you!!!
Love, Mary in Ohio

Kelly, if it is not 2 late please enclose A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me 2 deb..