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Bad Law

Bad law is a scourge on human kind. It has no heart. It cannot differentiate suicide from murder. It pushes a person on the edge of life struggling with demons of addiction into perpetual hell,into life imprisonment. Yet,in eight years frees someone who would rape and cut off a young girl's hands, leave her to die on the road.

Bad law is cruel like the judges who enforce it who lose their soul as they lose the power of discernment. Such judges admonish juries to have "no pity" Judges fed on the blood of those they disdain gorged by arrogance and power, have forgotten the highest court before whom they will one day disrobe in the ultimate judgment.

Bad law is legalized crime celebrating its excesses. It sentences a man for car jackings to 379 years to life, separates a woman from her child for twenty five years for petty theft.

Bad law is the "Three Strikes law" an ignominious law which brings dishonor to our nation. Like all historically bad law it is created by those who elevate themselves on mountains made of human bones bones of the poor,of minority peoples, of the defenseless.

Justice with her eyes and ears bound is now in chains in this land. And not even God who loves his children has been able to free her.

Maria J. Andrade               (6-2-97)

Written after my brother Joseph E. Carrero got 50 life and $10,000 restitution for a minor drug infraction by Judge Wiatt, Van Nuys-CA.